Gold Cross EMS Makes Major Investment in CSRA


Gold Cross EMS Purchases Cutting-Edge Resuscitation Technology
Augusta, GA, October 31, 2019 Gold Cross EMS announced today that it recently purchased the new
ZOLL X Series Monitor/Defibrillator to equip 44 of its ambulances and Quick Response Vehicles to help
treat the citizens of the CSRA. The ZOLL X Series is about half the size and half the weight of competitive
full-featured monitor-defibrillators, but a lot more powerful thanks to its advanced capabilities.
Once a person is in cardiac arrest, it?s a matter of life and death,? said Steven Vincent, Chief Operating
Officer. The X Series lets us assess the patients needs as soon as possible and wirelessly transmit critical
information to a receiving hospital so clinicians are prepared when the ambulance arrives. Wireless
transmission allows the EMS crew and hospital staff to work as a team and start treating the patient without
The X Series not only helps us save lives, but makes the lives of our first responders a great deal easier by
having so many life-saving capabilities in one unit, Vincent added. With this upgraded technology, we
believe we are better equipped to protect the lives of our citizens whom we are honored to serve.
The X Series was designed expressly for professional rescuers to meet the specific demands and extreme
conditions that Gold Cross EMS EMTs and paramedics face every day. Based on a platform for the military and air medical operations, the X Series rises to a new standard for ruggedness and durability.
Weighing less than 12 pounds (6 kilograms), the X Series combines the clinically superior therapeutic
capabilities of ZOLL defibrillation, pacing, and CPR quality improvement with advanced monitoring
parameters. The ZOLL X Series is the first monitor/defibrillator with integrated WiFi.
Key among the X Series assets is the unequaled ability to assist and improve CPR quality to keep oxygen rich blood flowing. ZOLL's proprietary See-Thru CPR lets rescuers reduce interruptions in chest
compressions by allowing them see underlying heart rhythms without pausing. ZOLLs Real CPR Help
provides real-time CPR feedback, and CPR Stat-padz measure the depth, rate and effectiveness of chest compressions.
The X Series monitor helps our EMTs make better patient care decisions faster and with accuracy because patient data is provided so quickly. All data is provided in a simple real-time display, said Vincent. The monitor takes blood pressure readings, checks the heart rhythm, and can provide an electrical shock, if one is required--all critical measures rescuers need to perform to determine a patient?s condition.
About Gold Cross EMS:
Gold Cross EMS is located in Augusta, Georgia. Gold Cross EMS is the only CAAS accredited service in
Region VI and specializes in emergency and non-emergency ground transportation. Gold Cross EMS is
the 911 provider for Richmond, Columbia and Jefferson counties. Gold Cross EMS also provides services
to McDuffie, Greene and Aiken counties. Gold Cross EMS will respond to over 80,000 calls in 2019. To learn
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